Social Media Management

One of the most popular ways now to connect and engage your customers is through social networks.

Social Accounts Setup

After selecting the right social platforms based on your business goals, we create and setup all your social media accounts. We ensure your pages are custom designed according to your branding and your communication strategy:

  • 1. Avatars design
  • 2. Banners design
  • 3. Background design
  • 4. Cover photo design
  • 5. Content Strategy & Customers Engagement
  • 6. Facebook Apps

We develop a targeted social strategy for your business, create robust content plan and syndicate it. Daily research of qualified leads is put in place to increase reach, visibility and ultimately attain potential customer’s attention and convert them into your own followers by:

  • Providing information and content that they find interesting and valuable
  • Following, commenting, interacting or -messaging them
  • And….Social Media Monitoring

We use web analysis tools to monitor engagement, conversions and other metrics and create monthly insightful reports based on the data.