SEO is that investment which could gain you returns beyond your imagination, we would put your brand on top of SERP so that you become the top choice of the prospects. We love all the algorithms of Google as they have always enhanced user experience, we like to share the love via Google friendly optimization so there would never be a risk of penalty.

It starts with Competitor’s analysis, SEO audit & keyword discovery and continues with reporting. For most of our clients we typically provide at least (4) reports each month including an analytics report of their website, a ranking analysis report of where they appear in each search engine, for which keywords, and their ranking graph for the week, Google Analytics report via custom dashboards, and a 1-2 page white paper write up which summarizes the sole activities for the month, the results, comparative results from previous months, and forwarding looking actions to be taken for improvement and growth.

This analytical data is extracted by the analytical team who are all Google certified which enables our client’s to feel committed to their relationship and to begin to more wisely invest and increase activities on the web because it’s not based on opinion or speculation, but on RESULTS.